Holding Hands


To the hand I am meant to hold…To the one I have waited for so long…To the one who’s worth the heartaches, disappointment, and the agony of waiting. Only two words…Thank you.

You see I am writing this on credit, yes long before you really hold my hand i have already thanked God for He let you find me. That He allowed my heart to not grow weary and continue to trust Him that He is writing our love story.

Before i thought I have to find you on my own, only to end up getting hurt and disappointed. I then tried to look for answers and do the extra mile of knowing what I can do on my part. Yes, i need to wait but what do i do while waiting for you? What if you don’t come? God smiled at me and said, “my precious one, he is just near..so do not stop and grew tired while waiting. because he is also waiting for the right time when he will finally find you”

For some magical reasons that set my heart at peace. I go out of my way to set myself free of the hurts and pains from my past. Free of the insecurities and doubts. Because when the day when you will finally see me, i know I am free to do what I have always dreamt of doing. To love and care for you with the best I can offer.

I continued my journey even if you are still no where in sight and our future looks uncertain, i can’t help but hold on. Because God has already made a promise to those who call unto Him and God’s promises never fails. He will see me through!

But it is a fun journey waiting for you. I am beautifully doing so. You are the best gift ever and now that I am finally holding your hand and looking at those precious smiles in your eyes. I continue to say, you are amazing and I promise to love you with the kind of love that my God has given me.


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