Random moments

I can’t sleep so I decided to open may laptop and start writing..whew, what will I write? Maybe will just think aloud….

As I write this, I still am at a loss for words on what to tell someone really close to my heart. I grew up trying to at least keep up with her but sadly I can’t. But I am aware that partly i am to blame because i harbored this feeling for a long time. I know my worth and I know that all of these are meant for me to have a better future. But i fail sometimes and tend to forget that God has a great promise for me and that he has called me by name to do greater things.

Yesterday i was able to write a reflection for the feast talk series called Guaranteed! And the first talk really made me cry buckets of tears. I was assured that there is no shortage in God and even if I think my resources doesn’t match my dreams i often forget and think otherwise.

But our God is a faithful God. He doesn’t want us to feel bad and disappointed. Because if God is not answering you prayer; be ready He is brewing something better…

So continue holding on to that dream, put in what you can and God will supply the difference.

God is faithful. God’s love never fails and never gives up on me; so i will continue to do my best and shine!

Nothing Just Happens….Greater things are coming my way!


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