Beautiful while waiting!

waiting-for-my-love-peggy-marsI never imagined I will receive the kind of compliments and affirmation I have been receiving lately. Friends, co servants and even colleagues at work seem to notice a different aura they are all beginning to love. They would compliment my new red and short hair; my simple make up; my good mood and good vibes!

I’m amazed Lord! How can you transform me like that amidst all the many trials around me? How can I always wear a smile on my face even if there’s still pain deep within me. How can I shudder with the thought of what this year has in store for me? How can my heart be filled with extraordinary joy every time i pray that special prayer for my dream of finding my one true love…the hand i claim to hold.

Well I can’t think of anything other than the kind of relationship I have been trying to build with you Lord. Maybe, oh not maybe I’m pretty certain that if i continue to focus on loving you and living each day with this love i will share with other people… I know my love tank will always be full. And if my love tank is full; I’ll carry the sweetest smile every day and people will see the beauty of it. That I will be your tangible expression of Your great love for the people around me.

Lord, I love you and thank you for loving the imperfect me. Because with your love; people no longer see my imperfections but the beautiful person you have created me to be.

I still have a long way this year but I wanna thank you in credit and thank you this early. The simple joy of being an instrument to share the good news of your love is an extraordinary feeling and it’s the best gift given to me this New Year!

You never fail to give me reasons to pick myself up and move forward in life. Lord, please hold my hand as I wait for your surprises and for the greater things in store for me this year!

Claiming this to be my banner year!  I will continue to be the best version of myself because i know the best is yet to come!

Thank you again Lord for making me beautiful while waiting!


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