I Declare I’ll Love Life!




Had a long day yesterday which started by waking up at 5am to be able to meet my friend at 6am for us to go to the early call time for food committee servant on this year’s LOJ (Light of Jesus) annual leader’s assembly. I always have a hard time waking up that early but I was amazed I was able to achieve it and enjoyed the early morning chat and laugh with my friend. I was overwhelmed by the number of leaders who attended. 

The theme Armed and Dangerous was really something. Seeing our founder Bro Bo Sanchez and all the builders in military outfit really is a beautiful sight to see. Serving the morning snacks and lunch for all these awesome army of God is the highlight of my morning. What I can’t forget is the words of Bro Bo, that really caught my attention. That we are called to love, even if these people are hurting us. Which reminded me of an incident that happened barely 2 weeks ago. I realized that i should not harbor negative feelings over my sibling who only thinks well for my future. That I should just say my piece, move forward and continue loving life. Because I know that if I want to be a blessing to other people especially those that God has called me to serve with, I should be able to allow God to hold my hand, heal my heart and empower my spirit. That’s what my LOJ family has done and I guess will continue to do to me.

Armed with God’s love, my day continued as I attend our Singles Encounter batch 7 general assembly at the Ascension of our Lord Parish in Paranaque. I thought I will be late but was thankful that I was early. Had to admit, if I wasn’t armed that morning I would have lost my patience and feel bad waiting for a couple of hours. But when my batch mates and our shepherds started coming, smile and happiness won me over and the waiting was worth it. 

I was moved to share how I picture Jesus’ humility and how He called us to love the way He has loved. And soon after my batch mates started pouring their hearts out and I silently prayed for them. I know that Nothing just Happens. I was part of this batch for a reason and I choose to be a blessing and a source of love. 

Finally it was time to leave, not to head home but to DBP Village for Kinect to Connect fellowship night of the Feast Alabang Singles Ministry. My CG mate Aaron and I was asked to be the emcee for that night! Hiding my nervousness I tried my best to be funny and connect with all the singles around which includes our feast builder J Yogawin.

It was a night filled with laughter and a night of revelation of dancing talents and determination. I just loved the experience of being able to serve them this way. More to come I hope! And receiving affirmation from my CG Head Francis and the Singles Ministry Head Velden; I can say that this is way of serving I would always love to do. 

I can say that my day was indeed long and tiring but having a love tank that overflows is more than a reward for me. I am sure that my week will definitely be filled with smile and good vibes!

But even if I was tired I chose to join some of my batch mates and 2 of our shepherds for a late night bonding over coffee, cake and chips! I was able to finally end my misery of thinking of how to make up and rekindle the bond I have with that person. I was able to see, that all i needed to do was move forward and continue to love. After all, we all have our share of weaknesses and misconceptions most of the time. But the friendship and love will definitely win should you allow God’s spirit to take over!

Indeed my weekend is a weekend filled with God’s love channeled through the love of community, friends and family. And I choose to declare that I will do my best to be more loving, more patient and more open to the blessings God has in store for me this week.

I’m ready to love life even more!




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