Slow Down



So it was finally my time time to hear the 2nd talk of the guaranteed series; “Solution”. And much more than i expected, the words of our preacher bro J Yogawin echoed so loud in my heart that I nearly cried even before worship came. What I can’t forget is the verse at the start of the talk.

Proverbs 3:5 ” Trust the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding” So there, I heard and read this so many times. What are you saying Lord this time? You very well know that I am pretty stubborn Lord. So what’s the big message?

Bro J  went on and shared how Moses tried to make a quick solution on his problems that was in Exodus 2:11-13. What Moses did was not a God solution. He tried to put matters into His hands. He wanted an easy way out. 

I tried to process it in my head as I heard that because I know God is telling me something. And I was humble enough to admit that it was my fear of leaving the country and leaving my comfort zone that made me overreact about some idea being thrown at me. As much as it was not a very good idea, it wasn’t also good that I rejected it outright without even explaining my side. Yes the idea was an easy way out, a shortcut but I failed to see that maybe just maybe it was just some idea for me to have a better piece of life.

Then I secretly prayed for my own healing, because in reality it was my pain in the past and my insecurities that has made me fail to see my worth for what it truly is. I remember what my friend and CG head told me, “it wasn’t said because it was meant to hurt you and if you know your worth you just have to say your decision and move forward”.

And God made me realize that if I truly trust Him with His promise, then I should just trustingly work hard in capturing my dreams and there, He will fill the difference and make me victorious. 

Yes I am part of the solution. God wants me to be patient as I work hard and wait. Because more often that not, my impatience is a result of many more problems than solutions. God wants me to see Him bigger than the biggest problem that I can invent. God wants me to see that my problems are irrelevant because I have a purpose. He wants me to focus not on my problem but on my purpose. I should never forget that I am God’s creation and that God has already planned a bright future ahead of me.

We may not receive our answers at the same time, but we can be sure that we will receive our answers in God’s perfect time. 

So my big message for this night is to be patient; especially with myself. Because 99% of the time God is never in a hurry. He wants me to develop a character that is attuned to His great love. He wants me continually see the beautiful and victorious princess He created in me so I will always remember my worth so I won’t sell myself short.

My God wants me to give my best because I am about to enjoy the best of the best things I can ever think of. Greater things that He has already promised and is meant to happen in my life.

And it’s never late to open up to God and His promises. So that’s what I am doing now. I’m getting ready to be a blessing and receive more blessings. Amen!



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