Winter Inside My Heart

winter love

My friend shared this line to me, but he said this in Tagalog. ‘The weather outside is cold but the weather inside my heart is even colder’. I didn’t get it the first time I heard it though I know this friend is going through a difficult time. I may not know all the details but I feel it with every simple comments he makes.

It made me reflect on my personal struggles and the worries inside my heart. I realized that the coldness may refer to my own stubbornness in making haste decisions or reactions. I recalled how I overreacted about the idea that was thrown at me. I panicked so to speak, which then resulted to my neglect on my worth that God has loudly spoken through the talks and the many wingless angels all around me. They reminded me to see the beauty that God has created in me. But how can my heart be so cold amidst all the warm encouragements I have been receiving?

So I made a decision to block the noise of insecurities and listen to the beautiful voice of God who has promised to supply all of my needs, to guide me in seeing the Godly solutions that He has for me, see Him bigger than my problems and more importantly see myself as significant because He has blessed me with the ability to inspire and help others no matter how messed up and unsuccessful I feel. God has revealed to me that I can bless others in whatever state of life I am in.

How’s that? Can these promises be strong enough to melt the coldness of insecurities inside my heart? You bet it is. Because my God is bigger than all of the problems of the world combined. And because of the warm embrace of my God even the coldest winter inside my heart can melt and will not have the power to block the warmest blessings that awaits me!


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