I feel you


It didn’t happen once but my gut feel again was right. I know everything happens for a reason and now I feel this strong desire to pray for this person. Someone who has inspired me a lot lately and someone I know will not really tell me what’s going on inside his heart.

So I chose to say a prayer and just believe that God embraced this person and let him know that God will not abandon Him especially during the time he needed Him most. I know God will give Him the grace to see the purpose behind what is happening in his life.

I am amazed that even if I am also feeling low and I am overwhelmed with what’s happening around me. God manages to nudge me and tell me I am blessed to have experienced pain lately and be encouraged by friends and love ones because He will use me to do the same to someone who needs it.

I feel you and I pray that God’s love continue to speak to you. Just like the line of my favorite love song to God; His love never fails and will never give up on me and in all of us…May you feel His tight hug today.


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