I’m God’s Girl..God’s Bride in waiting


I was so inspired by a woman named Miriam Quiambao when she shared during the Wealth Summit where we were superhero ushers. I came inside the hall just in time when she was sharing her life story and how the Lord has turned her life around. And she said that after her failed marriage she now feels God is her husband and Jesus is her boyfriend.

Wow that hit me big time! And it came from a former beauty queen. Then I told myself, hey I can be that. I can be God’s bride too. And that filled my heart with unexplainable joy of waiting for my God’s Best!

A few weeks back, I have written a blog entitled Holding Hands. When more people were able to read it, they all thought I had a boyfriend. And that made me smile, it was God who inspired me to write that. Even my blog about Valentine speaks of that as well. Why? Well I dunno, maybe because God makes me feel His love lately that I can’t think of any other love one who inspires me to be at my best. God is the reason why even in times when I am in crisis, I choose to smile and be happy. After all, He created me and God doesn’t make any junk. So why allow negative emotions and problems consume me when I can have control over my feelings and choose to be happy!

One of our youngest and amazing preacher said this “If you want to be happy, do not follow your feelings. Let your feelings follow you!” Hey, I told myself. That’s it! If I want to have a happy romantic life, I have to be happy now. So that special person will draw near me and would want to share in my happiness. 

Crazy? Yeah Probably. Maybe some will say yeah right! So where is that God’s Best now? Why after all my efforts he is still out of sight? These thoughts may work in the past but not now. Because God has won me over and is already holding my hand. So I don’t have any reasons to entertain doubts and insecurities. God has been calling me precious and beautiful and He promised to hold my hand and give it to the one who has been searching for me too. Because when that happens, I know God will continue to possess my heart as I worship Him with that special one He has prepared for me. So why can’t I be happy now? When my dream giver and lover of my life says I have all the reasons to be. I can’t turn my back on Him now. I can’t because He has been giving me more and more reasons to love myself, my life and yes even my trials because that keeps us together. Because my God knows i will always run to Him and He will always receive me with open arms. 

They say I am crazy because I see myself as a bride. Yep you heard it right, God’s bride in waiting for God’s groom equally crazy like me to be living a life with the same God who has been courting me all my life and now has finally held my hand. That loving God who saw my beauty behind my imperfections. That lover of my life who has restored my faith and  allowed me to hold on to His promise and joyfully wait for His timing for my dreams to come true.

So I choose to be happy and hopeful. I will continue to love my God and trust Him even in times when i can’t understand or feel Him. He is there, I know! Because He holds my hand and will never let me go!


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