I guess i’m thinking aloud again… as a big question suddenly haunted me..Why is love or falling in love or dating or being with someone sometimes is….complicated.

I mean today, you see them and then tomorrow you don’t. Today it’s sweet and tomorrow you ask is it? Today it’s filled with sweet nothings, then tomorrow..Oh seems like it’s nothing?

Oh well maybe that’s how it is sometimes..or maybe i am not in the position to whine…

Funny all of us longs for that feeling only to wake the next day, still wondering. Will he smile for me today or maybe I’ll see his back walking away.

And it’s the end of my loud thinking today…I’ll just brush this off and smile as in like A OK!

Good nightie!










I just read that koreans use the word fighting to give hope and encourage someone who’s not feeling good and needs someone to cheer her up. That happened to me today, a sister and fellow dance minister said this and it reminded me that God is there with me cheering me on.

You see I had a bad day and it’s sad that I nearly cried because of dismay. But I am thankful that there were angels around me to remind me that even if things are not that fair and you feel down because of pressure and stress, that is no excuse not to smile and go back there in the battlefield and keep on fighting!

Yes, I may have failed today but i know God will still embrace me and say, “no worries, tomorrow is another day!”

Aja..Thank you God..For simply loving me and meeting me where I am.. I will follow You!