New Year New Beginnings!







First Sunday of January 2014…New Year..New Chance to pursue my dreams and claim abundance in all areas of my life.

One of the goals i set for myself is to write one blog a week. If I can write more, better. But i want to stick to my action plan. To be faithful and to level up in this area of my life that i have grown to love.

Aside from dancing, writing has been one of my service at the Feast, the catholic charismatic gathering of the Light of Jesus Family. but honestly? There are so many times that i planned to write in my blog but for a hundred and one reason, I can’t seem to finish one lately. I will write only if am assigned an article for feast bulletin, but if I’m not it’s easy for me to let go of the ideas and reflections that I long to share. My reason? I am not inspired enough!

On our last talk for the last series of the feast in 2013, we were challenged and asked…ARE you ACTING enough? Ouch. That question hit me big time! As in Big time! If i may share, one of the shocking message of that talk is this…Eat your frog! 

As in? Ewww…your mind may say. But it was described as doing the most difficult task you have in a day….then it dawned on me…the biggest frogs I have is 1.wake up early and exercise and 2. Write my reflection and post it in my blog as i seem to forget if i didn’t write it after i listen or read about it.

This New Year, i am writing my first blog and my new year reflection and sharing.

i have attended my first 2 feasts for the year, and i am so blessed and inspired by 2 powerful preachers..

Bro Arun from the 4th session, called us to start our year with Joy. He asked us to keep our joy and not allow anyone or anything steal the joy we have in our hearts. He also shared that even him, he experienced being with negative people that tried to rob him of his joy. And and a little voice told me to surrender to God what is robbing me of my joy. Every single day that I go home, the noise is so loud that it drowns God’s promise of blessings and abundance for me. Sometimes i can’t help but ask, Why? But we do not have any power to change people other than ourselves. We can’t change the negative people around us, we can’t change them but we can change how we respond  to them. If they mean harm, let us show love…so no one can ever rob our joy! 

2nd point of bro Arun is this…Express our joy! I am a happy person. People know me to be funny and bubbly, and i’d like to affirm that it’s true. I love making people laugh and laughter has been attached to my personality. i laugh at just about anything. I hear bro Arun at the feast almost every sunday, but there were no instance that i didn’t laugh at his jokes no matter how shallow it is. And that is God’s message for us…to be happy and laugh at the simplest things in life.

And lastly, he called us to bring back our sense of wonder! To continue to be amazed on the things that we see around us. We need to still have a wow moment whenever we see a rainbow or a butterfly. Let our hearts be ready for God’s surprises! We need to allow God to amaze us on how He can give the best version of our dreams..because god is for us and not against us.

my day didn’t end with just one feast. I stayed to listen and attend the last session for Sunday and i am excited to listen to one of my favorite to bro Bo haha…and i was so happy because the topic was about Big blessings and Big Beginnings since it is the start of the year.

1 Corinthians 2:9 says, “No eye has seen, No ear has heard, No mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who,love him! Wow! what an awesome message at the start of the year and it inspired me to not let go of my dreams and continue to pursue God and develop a deeper relationship with Him! 

And the one big message is this: this New year, we are called to SEE Big! Feel Big! Speak Big and Act Big! 

Whoa, what a quick and accurate answers God has given me today. Earlier in the day during my prayer time, I asked God on what His message is for me this start of the year and He answered oh so clearly….

SEE big. “What your mind can conceive, you can achieve! We must Dare to Dream! Not small but Big Dreams. 

FEEL big. We are encouraged to increase our love. To overlook offenses and to remain joyful. Because real love is joyful and joy is happiness in God.We need to remind ourselves that we are children of God and we are entitled to a life filled with Joy.

SPEAK big. We need to declare blessings rather than complaints. It is said that if we change our words, our worlds can change. We need to ask ourselves. Do I grumble or am i grateful?

We need to remind ourselves that even if our dreams or miracles are nowhere in sight, we need to be thankful. Because no matter what happens; God is for us and He will finish what he started in our life. maybe not on our time table but in His divine time table. We do not hurry so we will not be sorry. God knows what He is doing, let us continue to trust Him.

Let us focus on the good. Not on the pain, but on the prize. 

ACT big! We need to do something. We need to take some actions and start doing something for our miracles to happen. and just like the old saying. Give your best and God will do the rest.

It’s another year. A new chance to start fresh. Another chance at life. Another chance to tell a different story.

i have messed up last year but it was still a good year i must say. Prayers are answered, opportunities are opened. Challenges were conquered and changes were welcomed.

I claim i will seize the day and enjoy life, no matter how bad things are around me. 

i will leave the past and move forward with hope this new year.

“I will break the chains that bind Me, happiness will find me. Today my life begins…” – Bruno Mars






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