Love Letters for my Future Husband #letterno1



Hi there Peach! Yes, my dear husband that’s what I have decided to call you.

Just like what google and thesaurus says about peach, i want us to be like Peach. Acceptable, i want us to accept each others flaws and work on it together. I want us to accept all the challenges and never ending changes instead of getting stressed and worrying about it. You see Peach, if you can read this. Then God cleared the universe for us to meet. You don’t know how long I have waited, how many messed up pseudo realtionships I got into before finally saying I Dos with you. Peach, I know we will not agree all the time, but it’s okay. All we have to do is to be open and to accept.

Pleasant. That’s another word that describes you Peach, because to me seeing your face and holding your hand is truly pleasant, priceless and precious. Wow that’s triple P for my peach. You see, I have decided to think and say pleasant things to you and with you. That i know will keep us reminded that God made this possible because he wants to make us happy. And if we are happy, the world and life no matter how unfair they are to us, we can choose to focus on the good. The more pleasant thoughts, the more important ones. Like how often i say I love you Peach and how quick I will say sorry if ever we fought or disagree.

Enjoyable! That’s what i want our journey to be Peach. Because for all these years of waiting, I want to savor each and every moment with you. Peach, life with you is something i really prayed for and waiting for you is painful and tiring. But you are oh so worth the wait. So when the time comes, i definitely will enjoy every moment. Carpe diem! Let’s seize the day Peach! 

Finally, i chose peach because of the word Mild. You know Peach, i can be loud and crazy but with you life can be mild and gentle. Just like you. You have your own strengths but you choose to be gentle to me. You choose to listen when i speak my mind but you also makes me realize why my ideas tend to oppose yours and why it is important for us to talk and understand each other’s moods, train of thoughts, our plans and even dreams. Peach, if you will have a hard time loving me and embracing who I am, i hope you will find in your gentle heart to be patient and to allow me to learn to deal with it. Peach, I have battled against my self worth issues all my life and even after i have won the battle, there will be times (i hope not so often) that i will mess up and seem like a fool feeling so insecure. But I know that you will embrace and make me feel your love when that happens. Right Peace.

Thank you Peach. This is just the first of the many letters i will write for you to say how grateful I am for the gift of You.


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