My weakness is my ticket to God’s grace

Next month, it will be exactly one year since i said Yes as ministry head! I remember I prayed for level up in my service and it happened….Lord what level up do I do for you this year? What surprises are you cooking up for me. Hold my hand Lord and as i close my eyes…the answer is still Yes!


grace (1)

When you know you’re weakness; you are vulnerable to God’s Grace.

I was confident that I will no longer cry or at least not feel guilty for I have been hearing this message for the past week. I was wrong. The moment the worship during ministry time started, I cried like crazy. Mixed emotions. I didn’t know where the tears came from. Why there’s so much fear in my heart that time.

Earlier, one of the speaker said this; “where God guides, He provides”. So there, I figured out one of the reasons why I was scared and crying. I know I just said Yes to a different level of service; and it scares me when it finally sinked in. The ball is now on me and I have to play my best because I know they are counting on me. Just when I am comfortable being assistant, God called…

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