Letter #2 (love letters for my future husband)


Hey there Peach! This week has been tough but because of all the struggles I faced this week, I was able to reflect on a whole lot of things. Like why am I writing love letters to you in advance.

My 2013 ended with plans put on hold, problems coming in, challenged relationships and frustrations especially with myself. You see Peach, I wanted to take that leap of faith and study again abroad. But you know what? I am more scared than excited. Why? Because I dunno what is waiting for me down under, and what will happen to me as I leave my career, friends and ministry.

I am so blessed by my ministry and this has been my source of joy Peach. This is how waiting for you and actively praying for you became possible. I get to listen to inspiring preachers, serve with dynamic servants and meet friends I can keep for life. But leaving to pursue a new path really scares me and if I were to listen to all these scary noise in my head, i will freeze and not do anything.

But God is really good in giving surprises. As i continually pray for me to have a community when I finally get to Perth, a day came when I saw a page on facebook that says, Light of Jesus Perth! Amazing isn’t it? That if God will send me there, a community will be there to welcome me. I immediately googled their location and was happy to hear that it was just a few kms away from my sister’s house where I will be staying. God must really love me, aye Peach? He knows I will need all these kind of support from a spiritual family, that’s why He showed me one I can go to when it’s time.

Peach, i am always asking God that He lets me have an opportunity to love and serve Him with you. I wanted to one day, exhort people to really believe in God and the mysteries of His surprises. One day I will share God’s one big miracle in my life, You and i will do it with a big smile holding each other’s hand. I love you Peach even if you are not yet with me and I promise to love you even more when the time will come that you finally get to find me.


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