Letter #3 (love letters for my future husband)



Good evening Peach! It was a long day for me but heading home and looking forward to writing another letter for you keeps my heart at ease. It’s like a habit i wanted to keep. I want to tell you each and every struggle, victory and even confusions that I may encounter. I want you to be my best friend, counsellor, coach, mentor and my patient listener. 


I started to follow this start of the year fasting 2 years ago and this year I kinda started late. You see it’s already the second week of the first month of the year. But even so, I am still being patient with myself and decided to push it and offer this not just for me, my plans this year, my service, my relationship with God but also because i wanna offer this sacrifice to my one true love. Yes, Peach i wanted to really pray for you, for us. So we can be formed into the couple that God has designed to worship and bring Glory to His name. I wanted to one day proclaim God’s word with you, lead His people to worship and be a witness of how great our God is. Because we will both be bold enough to declare that God never forgets us, that He keeps His promises. And even if we run ahead of His plans, He always finds a way for us to come back and be surprised by His wonderful plan.  


I really thought I will never do this, but God is really full of surprises! Because once i started writing you my first letter, i just couldn’t stop. I know God has a reason for all these and that waiting on Him and His timing is not waiting in vain. Because God’s love is so great that we can’t fully understand it. But it is also that mystery that makes us more excited on what God has in store for us.


Peach, i am fasting also on too much internet and offer more time to reflect and read God’s word. So until my next letter, i wanna say I love you Peach. Here’s my warmest and biggest hug! 


Good night! 








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