Letter # 4 (love letters for my future husband)

 I am so overwhelmed today Peach! Stress and problems at work is trying to rob me of the joy i have and is causing me to doubt the promises this year has for me. I know I shouldn’t but as one problem after another comes, my heart is filled with fear.


I wanna fight this Peach, because I want to be the best woman I can be. I want you to be proud of me when I finally became your wife. But I will be very honest with you, right now I feel so frustrated and a bit discouraged. What I am claiming is my best year is now filled with so much frustration and everything seems like a mess. 


 But I have to be strong, and writing this letter to you reminds me to go back to what I learned at the feast. Ignore the noise and keep walking. I know I have to accept the reality that yes I’ve messed up but just like God, I need to forgive myself so I can move forward and walk away from all the sources of my stress. That I should believe that I am bigger that all of these and  I am a child of a Big and Powerful God.  


I didn’t realize writing this letter will make me feel good. And it reminds me to stay hopeful and joyful even when faced with trials and problems. And for this, I’m thankful. Till my next letter Peach.





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