Letter #6 (love letters for my future husband)


I’m back! Hey there Peach! My start of the year fasting ended today! But more that the sacrifice of eating bread and water for 5 days, it’s me letting go of my deepest pains that made me so happy today.

I underwent a Healing NLP earlier, and I was so amazed with the results after. Not only that I feel so happy and at peace, I look like it. It’s an unforgettable experience and i know it was a gift from God. Jojo Apollo is well known for doing this and many people are really dying to meet him and have a session just like what I did. It was unplanned but it was the best interruption from God.

I love it Peach, because i saw and heard you there. I genuinely felt the excitement of exchanging vows with you, felt excited to walk down the isle radiantly smiling as I am looking at you from a distance. As i walk, i can’t help but cry because of extreme joy for that one big miracle unfolding right before my eyes. I can even feel the ring you put on my finger.

People may find it crazy but I really saw us getting married Peach! It was so real and with that, waiting for you became even more exciting. I was telling God as I talk to Him earlier, that I didn’t realize talking to Him can be so much fun and spontaneous. I told Him how happy I feel now waiting for you my Peach. Why? Because I know you are really coming and i know that when we’re finally together, life will be even more exciting, surprising and simply unimaginable.

As I set my hurts, disappointments and insecurities free; I felt so refreshed and recharged. God sweetly reminded me how much He loves me and how bright the future that He has prepared for me. I am beautiful and I’m the Apple of His eyes. How sweet is that Peach? But can you whisper that to my ear everyday? When we finally get to spend our life together and build our Christ centered family.

I also saw myself differently knowing how God looks at me with joy and love. It felt like being a little girl again in God’s presence. It felt like hugging my closest friend and letting this friend know, how much I needed this and I am so grateful that God made it happen. Nothing just happens! I was at the right place and the right time. I am God’s precious one and He is preparing me to be the woman that you deserve Peach. And just like He is preparing you, i feel i have to do my part and I am happy to be a part of God’s grand master plan for our lives Peach.

And knowing Jojo personally made me recall all the talks I heard and his big message to me is this: nothing happens by accident and that really God loves you so much. I know this already but i love hearing it. And soon, I want to start my day by hearing you say I Love You. I want to hug you at least 3 times a day and I want continuously dream with you. We will have weekly dates and quality time; we will travel to our dream destinations and as for me it’s in Seoul, Korea. What about you Peach? But wherever it is, we will go there.

I can’t help but be excited! Who shouldn’t be? When you have a God who never fails to remind you of His great love and promises you the best future. Until then i will joyfully wait for you Peach. I will work harder every day to be the best version of a wife I can ever be! I love you and i thank you this early, for being the version of a husband you can ever be. See you soon Peach!


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