Letter # 7 (love letters for my future husband)


I can’t sleep Peach! I dunno but for some reasons my brain is still up and awake. And I’ve decided to write you another letter.

I have such fun saturday! Our bunso in the house, my grandson turned 2. Mom cooked pansit and i bought cake and ice cream. I stayed home and helped by washing the dishes. You see I don’t cook Peach but I will do my best to learn to cook some meals haha.

And one thing I noticed after the healing NLP, i feel so at peace and happy. I don’t get disappointed easily. I mean at least for today. One of the obvious proof is staying home and bond with them. I began to ignore the noise and focus on what needs to be done. And i noticed another inspiring thought, when you are with God it doesn’t matter if things around is falling apart. Because that is the time, when things are falling into place. It gave me real joy to laugh and chat with my family even in the simple celebration we have at home. One funny mistake though was when i posted something on facebook and just put simple birthday celebration and people started greeting. Misleading post haha. But i ended up deleting to avoid further confusion.

Then later around 4pm, i attended my first ever zumba class. I was the youngest there, can you believe that Peach? Haha, because most of them are onntheir mid 40s and some 50s hihi. Cute but i gave my best for that one hour class. Not because of the fact that i paid for it but because i wanted to achieve the goal of being healthier and happier this year. Oh i am already happier, that’s why i need to be consistent on loosing weight and dropping 2 dress sizes because i want to be prettier and sexier for my Peach to see and be mesmerized with one day. Oh okay, so i am too confident here haha. But all I’m saying is, waiting for you will be spent productively. I will wait with joy and anticipation. I will wait by preparing myself to be your wife, one that God, my family, community, friends and you Peach deserves. I wanted to invite you to join in my journey because you will complement my life and not complete it.

I will be working harder to achieve my dreams as you work harder to achieve yours. I will level up in everything I do as you continue to be successful in whatever you. I will always choose to smile and love as i wait for you who I know who’s main priority is to love God, His family, his friends and community and who is so excited to one day find me.

I love you this early Peach because I know God has chosen you to join me in my journey. I know you are a man who will lead me to God and not to sin; whose,love and inspiration comes from his deep and intimate relationship with God. You are my greatest gift and my one big miracle Peach! And i can’t wait to see you, hug you and kiss you. Till then, I will joyfully, actively, beautifully and lovingly wait for you.


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