Letter #8 (love letters for my future husband)


Hello there Peach! I had a busy yet super blessed Sunday! And let me share what I have learned today.
Compounding! Big word? Honestly i didn’t know about it before but this word hit me big time. I didn’t know that what your little actions can do in the future if you don’t really discern well.
My favorite preacher said this; it’s not the big things but the little things that you do everyday that makes you a champion. And i’d like to hold on to that, why? Because you see Peach, my goal this year is to level up in my relationships in all the areas of my life.i wanna be more loving and the best approach is to do little things everyday.
One of the things i realized after I have finished the healing NLP is the reality that i tend to withdraw rather than deposit love in almost all my relationships. I mess up and hurt people more often than make them feel my love. But because of that experience of healing and being free, I started to do little things to express my love for my mom and the rest of my family, and yes even to my friends and my community. And i noticed that i tend to be quiet if i am not sure of what to say and whatever i do, whether it works or not; or if i am able to have my way or not; the same joy i have yesterday is still the same joy I have today. Yes, i may mess up but you know Peach? It doesn’t matter anymore, because i have decided to pursue my dreams with much perseverance. Because sometimes things doesn’t look like it’s working but like what this compounding effect teaches us; we just need to keep on keeping on. We persevere but we also practice prudence. To discern if I am fighting the right fight and if it’s right to persevere on the kind of dream i am pursuing at the moment.
I remember i told you in my past letter that i am not really sure why i started writing love letters when you are still nowhere in sight. Now i know, i wanna invest in our relationship now by telling you how excited I am to meet you and fall in love with you for the rest of our lives.
Peach i wanna deposit more love everyday even if i can’t withdraw anything from you just yet. But if compounding is shy now, i know it will rise up higher and greater things will unfold for both of us. Hang in there and do your thing, and i will faithfully pray for you and write all the letters i can write, for one day you will have a chance to read all these every single day that we are together. And Peach, don’t worry if this will reach even a thousand, because you have forever as time to read all of them and those letters i will continue to write.


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