Increase the Love in You! By Apple Valencia


It’s the love month and people are really cheesy these days. So if you are single like me, it’s easier to have amnesia on the 14th day of this month. As chocolates and flowers and stuff toys flood almost every corner of your eye, it’s hard to survive that day without being bitter or sad because you don’t have someone special to celebrate the day with. But Pastor Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation Church in the US said this to single people on Valentine’s Day: “Happiness is not finding the right person. It’s being the right person. Stop looking for the person of your dreams and start becoming someone another person is dreaming about. Make someone else’s dreams become a reality.”

God is truly sweet, isn’t He? He wanted me to be the best person that He created me to be before He gives me the partner that He has been preparing, the same way He is preparing me. And much to my surprise, God also speaks the same thing in our newest series, “Increase”. As we talked about the 4 laws of wealth, God spoke through the first talk that my self-worth will determine my net worth. Amazing! I didn’t realize that my wealth is affected by how I love and accept myself!

And as Bro. J pointed out, there is no problem with the provider who is God, but with me the receiver. Most of the time, I lack blessings simply because I tend to limit myself with the negative self-talk of not deserving the best blessings God has prepared for me. God’s capacity to give is bigger than my capacity to receive!

Mark Victor Hansen said, “When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it”. As Bro. J also shared, there are 3 aspects in our self-worth: self ideal or our dream self; self-image or our present self and our self-esteem or how much we like our self. If we hate ourselves, we tend to criticize other people, complain on the kind of life we live and compare ourselves to other people then losing our chance to appreciate what we already have. We need to maintain a high self-ideal and high self-image in order for us to constantly succeed in life. It is when we love and accept ourselves that we will be clear of what we want to become; that is, to be happy and wealthy at the same time.

Our self-worth trumps our net worth because we are more than our ability, our position, or even our social status. We need to celebrate what we have now so we can have a bigger heart to receive more in the future. Let’s be excited because greater things await us.


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