The Single Woman’s 30 day blog challenge


And why are you still single? This is probably my not so favorite question and i will treat you anything you want if you will just stop asking me that. Haha. Kidding.

Honestly? I do hate this question and the follow up side comments from relatives and friends. “It’s hard to grow old alone! Or You might have a hard time having a baby or you won’t be able to really enjoy being a wife and a mother”. And the list are endless.

And it really is hard to answer politely and positively when you do not have an answer yourself. Why? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough!? Am i not really destined to be with someone?

But God really has a wisdom no man can fathom or understand. He allows even the most painful act of waiting to happen to us because He wants to prepare our hearts and He wants to mold our character and be a blessing instead of a curse to our partner.

I remember what Steven Furtick, (Pastor of Elevation Church in the US) shared on Valentine’s day:

Happiness is not finding the right person. It’s being the right person. When i read this i began to think. How can i really be the right person and answered prayer to someone. Am I loving enough and do I value myself and my relationships that I am now ready to share the journey with someone who also journeys in his relationship with God. Am i ready to commit to the woman God created me to be.

Another reflection is this: If two half people get together and they’re not complete in Christ, they don’t make a whole person. So forget the line, “you complete me” not unless you are saying that to God. Because it is only Him, who can heal and complete us.

Last point i got from Pastor Steven is this:

A lot of single people make lists of what they want in the person they’re looking for. That’s fine. Just make sure that if the person you’re looking for had the same list, they’d find you.

You may be waiting in this season of your life for God to bring the right person.
Or you may be wondering if the person you’re dating is the right person.

He will do it.
He will reveal it.

In the meantime, be what you’re looking for.

Whoa! Be what you are looking for. Not really easy but it is an amazing gift to give to your one true love.

So why am I still single? Because i am brave enough to wait on God and allow Him to prepare the best man for me. God is calling me to seek Him first and be completely healed in Him so i can focus on loving the people around me.

Being single is not a dead end and a curse. It is a blessing and an empowerment. Empowerment to step up and do more for the lord.

So now, i am enjoying my single hood and my season of waiting . Because i was born to enjoy the greatest blessings God has carefully planned for me.

The Best is Yet to come!


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