Day 3 – The Single Woman 30 day blog challenge – Describe a day when being single was really awesome!


It’s those days when you feel you have all the freedom in the world when it comes to decision making. What to do on a weekend, what kind of clothes to wear,what time in the day you feel you want to just spend some time alone and what to do on that time of solitude.

It’s when you don’t have to consult anyone regarding change of plans in your carerr, whether you go leave your job here and find some opportunities abroad or if you want to try out an extreme sport or an exotic food. It is those times when you have the last say in choosing the kind of movie you want to watch or if you wanna shout on top of your lungs because you just said an epic fail comment to your biggest crush.

Being single is awesome because you have more time to reflect on the kind of relationship you have with God, your family, your friends, colleagues or any stranger you meet across the street. You have all the time in the world to try all sorts of new things even those that needed a leap of faith. When you’re single, you have the luxury of going out with anyone who shows interests and you also feel some connections with. This will allow you to be more decided on the qualities you want to find in your future husband. When you’re single, you also have all the time to dig into reading inspirational books, listening to inspiring talks and podcasts or yes, even to listening to one single person to another and learning from their experiences.

Being single is not a curse but a beautiful choice to allow God to show you more and to amaze you with a beautiful future He has prepared especially for you. Yes it may be tiring or depressing at times, but making the shift and turning to God will make the journey of waiting easier and exciting.

You have the power to make it exciting, amazing, surprising and kilig filled dear single woman! Claim that power now! And be the most amazing single woman of God who’s ready to bless the world!


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