NBSB. Most people will define it as “No Boyfriend since Birth”. But a dear sister from the Feast defines it as “NBSB: No Boyfriend, Still Blessed”. Honestly, when I heard this in our Connect Group (CG) sharing, I told myself, “Wait. Yeah, I don’t have a boyfriend but I am still happy and I enjoy God’s blessings.”

Being single at 38 is no joke. True, especially when you are being surrounded by friends and family who are way younger than you are sending you invitations for wedding, and sometimes baptisms; when you are the topic of everyone in your circle that are so desperately looking for the right guy for you; when you see a lot of good men, and most of them are either married, engaged or they simply wanted to be just your friend.

After hearing the talk on the series “His and Hers” about Body, I learned that as a woman, you only get what you believe you deserve. I met quite a few men in my class who thinks of me as a friendly and fun loving person. I was able to make friends as early as my orientation day. Somehow, I was able to make them see that I came to Perth to make my dreams happen and have a new chance at life; not to chase men around and marry them to make an easy way of staying here for good which most Filipina women do here.

I love the topic of “His and Hers” that talks about being single and happy. I claim in faith that I am single for now and while I am waiting for Mr. Right, I wanted to be Ms. Right. A friend of mine sent me an eBook called, “Why Men Loved Bitches”. At first, I was hesitant to read it but my friend urged me to. Then, I realized that what the Feast is talking about in this series is what Sheryl Argov was saying in her book. One of the best lessons I learned in her book is to be clear of what I want and I should be consistent about it. I must believe that I am good enough to be pursued and I shouldn’t chase a man just to be happy. I should raise my flag up high and tell the world who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Believe me friends, it’s never easy and it feels lonely and painful at times, especially when people tell you not to be choosy because you are not that young and that you may not find the right guy. But I’m holding to one non-negotiable trait I wanted to share with all of you as I continue to circle my prayer of finding Mr. Right whom God will choose for me (I even have a special prayer to St. Raphael I pray everyday). I asked God to give me a man who shares the same faith as mine: one who loves God and His family more than anything else.

And as I take a step closer to all my dreams here in Perth, I don’t leave my personal prayer behind. I make friends and I smile a lot. I try my best to be firm with what I want as I continue to circle my dreams in faith.

So I speak to all my fellow singles for NOW. Be happy. Be excited. Because God knows what we deserve—and that is nothing but the best. Continue reading NBSB