Thankful and Hopeful!

“Something great is going to happen to me this very day, this very year”

As I look back on my 2012 blessings, one of the best I can remember is to be able to see that service is not all about glamour and being in the front row. My best experience this year is to be able to serve as the personal assistant to the mentor of bro Bo Sanchez, Mike Joseph Jr. Having a close encounter with him made me realize that you have to focus on your relationship with God and not on the service that you do. I learned a lot from him especially in making my life like a constant prayer because as I do it, I am changed.  My life last year was like a roller coaster ride; it’s not all fun and laughter yet as I shed tears I learned to see my own value and see that I am a champion in the eyes of my God and He created me to be a miracle worker.

Last year, I was given the chance to write for the feast bulletin and share my thoughts that has blessed me so much. The moment I said yes, I saw how God has empowered me and humbled me to just focus on the kind of love He has for me that gives life to the thoughts in my heart which allowed me to be an instrument to share God’s word.

I was able to enjoy an awesome caring group which has allowed me to meet beautiful wounded healers like me who helped me see the beauty of embracing the imperfections of each other and set myself free from the bondage of my own insecurities.

I have felt God’s embrace in each and every person I have encountered in and outside the feast and my Light of Jesus Family.

And having a love tank that overflows; I can’t help but be hopeful and see that the rest of my life will be the best days of my life.  I look forward to more breakthroughs and miracles revealed this 2013.  I will give my best as I wait for God’s best surprise to me this year!

Greater things are happening, and all I have to do is be open & continue to be amazed on how powerful God can used me for His greater glory!!!!


For all You hav…

For all You have done.
For Who You are.
For Your sacrifice.
For Your Grace.
For Your Mercy.
For Your Peace.
For Your Joy.
For giving Your all so I may live.
I gift You me.
I gift You my heart.
I gift You my all.
I love You, Jesus. I love You, Heavenly Father.
Happy Birthday, Jesus. For now and forever, I gift You my heart.

This blog is all about unspoken thoughts and dreams…..